Which Top Social Media Service works for your business?

Social media is an important aspect of any successful attempt at drawing people to your site. If you are a business and are looking for the easiest way to attract targeted web traffic, you should be looking at social media and how it impacts seo efforts.

Facebook – The most popular social networking site out there today. If you are going for a broad reach of as many people as possible, Facebook is the site you want to use. Why use Facebook?

Pros:  Broad Reach.  Over 500 million users are on Facebook. This gives you the biggest opportunity to market to a lot of people in many different demographics, but especially the younger people who make up the majority of Facebook users.

Impact On SEO.  Google loves when people link and share content, and that will drive you up in the search results. Having people like you on Facebook and then like your content with the “Like” widget will get Google to pay attention.Cons:  Security is sometimes lacking. Also, it can be too hard to separate your own Facebook feed from interacting with a business feed even if you have separate accounts. This can be bad if you are running a business on Facebook.Twitter  is another social media powerhouse, and could be even better for your SEO purposes. The concept of Twitter is that you send short 140 character messages to other users, or just the community at large. Links, and link shorteners, can take followers off of Twitter and to your site, or other linked media.

-Adding hashtags to your Tweets makes them easier to find by non-followers.
-Use Direct Messages to establish better relationships with followers and build your network.
-Third party applications make it easy to update Twitter when you are not at your computer.
-Having users re-Tweet your posts makes for great SEO

Cons:  Too much spam, and issues with site stability. Twitter goes over capacity often and it also places limits on the amount of communication you can have in a given day. Can be a pain if you are managing a larger network.

Youtube  is a website that allows users to post videos online that are usually limited to 10 minutes. This allows anyone to post their views and thoughts about anything with few limitations. Other users can then comment on those videos, or share them on other social media.

-Great for businesses to provide tutorials, or longer advertisements, about your products and services.
-Supported on mobile devices and can be embedded into a website allowing for easy access.

-Users can post comments that might not be kind to your products or videos. This can damage your business reputation.
-Some videos come off as cheap and that can hurt your reputation as well.

Flickr  is a photo sharing social media site that allows users to post and share photos online. Can be a great site if your business specializes in art, or wants to market through pictures.

-Unlimited storage when you get the PRO version of Flickr
-Tags and photo descriptions provide great SEO

-No bulk downloads
-Editing tools and picture tags don’t always come out as you would like them to.

These are examples of the four most popular social networking sites out there. Your own individual business goals will determine which you use, although most businesses use a combination of the sites listed above. Once you know what your target market is, you will have a better understanding of what site will be best for your company.