Will you buy the new 4S, or wait for iphone5 to come out?

Today Apple, to the salivating ears of the app developers and tech investors, announced its iphone 4s, the successor to its iphone 4. (Many news and social media outlets reported Apple was to announce the iphone5, citing anonymous sources, perhaps attempting to get the jump on their competitors.)

The iphone 4s is a slight improvement over the current iPhone, with its main improvements coming in the form of:

– a better camera on the iphone with a higher resolution than on the iphone4s
– a faster processor which will allow for more apps to run at once and more smoothly
– the ability to be used worldwide on the Verizon network as well as on AT&T

The new iphone 4s is also available for Sprint users.

The S on the phone, however, does not refer to Sprint, but to speed. The iphone4s will run on the same chip as the ipad 2, which will give it the power of a laptop in a handheld device. The battery on the new phone will max out at eight full hours of talk time on a 3G system and nine full hours of Internet use on Wifi. The new phone will cost US $399 for the 64 GB version, US $299 for the 32 GB version, and US $199 for the 16 GB version. The iphone4 will receive a price reduction through internet marketing, and the iPhone 3S will be given away with a two year contract.

The new iPhone is also equipped with a personal assistant which the company named Siri. Siri is an improvement over voice recognition technology in other phones. Siri adds the capacity to actually respond to questions that the owner poses to the phone.
This is also the first product under the new CEO Tim Cook, who took over the reins of the company from the iconic Steve Jobs. Cook seemed to try to channel Jobs during the announcement, at first holding up the conference for an hour and a half for dramatic effect, then coming in dressed down in jeans, like Jobs was known for doing at many of his announcement conferences.
Apple stock dropped 5% on the day. It should be noted that the overall market was slumping that day, with the bottom coming at a 2% loss on the Dow Jones Industrial Average; however, the market rebounded and ended up 1% up on the day, but Apple did not participate in the upswing.
Apple is still expected by industry analysts to announce the iphone 5 in less than a year. The iphone5 is expected to take full advantage of the high speed networks of Verizon and AT&T, along with many other improvements. Whether people were individually taken back or excited over the iphone4s news is up for argument. The expected release date is Friday October 14, 2011.

Are you disappointed that Apple did not come out with the iphone5 today?