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Closed Captions on Facebook Live

Introducing Closed Captions on Facebook Live Broadcasts

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Can Now Enjoy Closed Captions on Facebook Live

Facebook just Announced that they are allowing publishers to include closed captions on Facebook Live Broadcasts, to make Facebook accessible to almost everyone.

Making Facebook accessible to everyone is a key part of building global community

~ Facebook product manager Supratik Lahiri, and director of accessibility Jeffrey Wieland.
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Using Hashtags

Using Hashtags – Pros & Cons for Businesses and Personal Users

Facebook Joined the #Hashtag Trend

Now that Facebook allows you to add a clickable hashtag to your posts, you’re going to see a lot of them in your New Feeds. The hashtag was introduced originally by Twitter. It was essentially created to brand and label updates into categories. If you’ve already been active on Twitter or Instagram, then you’re no stranger to phrases following the pound sign. If you’re new to the concept, check out the Pros & Cons of using hashtags in social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & more) for your business and as a personal user. Continue reading

Obama vs Romney in Social Media Marketing

Election 2012 – Which Presidential Campaign Wins for Social Media Marketing?

Obama Vs Romney in Social Media Marketing

Obama Vs Romney in Social Media Marketing

In the 2008 presidential competition, social media was a critical factor in Barack Obama’s historic victory over Republican challenger John McCain. In 2012, President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney fight it out for the election with social media marketing. Who has been more effective with Facebook & Twitter? Considered an innovation in 2008, social media marketing played a major role, but it will play an even bigger role in deciding who wins in 2012. Continue reading

The Impact of Social Media on Law Enforcement & Crime

The Impact of Social Media on Law Enforcement & Crime

The increasing popularity of social media has lead to significant changes in the ways that law enforcement operates. Social media platforms are used by four out of five law enforcement professionals at every level to help in investigations. It is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to gather intelligence information as well as a source of evidence for defense and prosecution cases. Research shows that search warrants obtained using social media under probable cause, held up in court 87% of the time when challenged. Continue reading

Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline – Mandatory Change for all Users

Facebook Timeline will be telling your life story. If you choose to share it.

In only a matter of days, every profile in Facebook will be changed to the Timeline feature. This will definitely change the way people make use of this popular social networking website, whether the users want it or not. The social network site is giving users seven days to preview their Timeline before making it live. It is time to go through your old post and decide what you want to share and don’t want to share, including unflattering photos you may have been tagged in. Continue reading