The V3 version of the verb “to eat” is known as “eaten”. As in V2, a new word is written for verbs. For this reason, the verb “to eat” has changed and become “to eat”. V3 verb cases are usually used when a sentence needs to be defined with the perfect tense. From the moment we start learning English, verbs are perhaps the most important topics we need to learn. But since some verbs fall into the category of irregular verbs, we need to remember their states V2 and V3. We have prepared for you the V2 and V3 states of the most commonly used verb “eat” in English. In our content you will also find examples of sentences that refer to the states of the verb “to eat”. This means chewing and consuming food by putting it in your mouth. Version V2 of the verb “to eat” is known as the word “to eat”.

In verbs called regular verbs; The byte `–ed` is added to the end of verbs and verbs are written in new states this way. But in irregular verbs, the situation is slightly different; In cases V2 and V3, another word is created that does not look much like its lean state. Since the verb “to eat” is irregular, it is used in the events mentioned in the past tense. .