On October 25, 1901, the Kingdom of Nkore was incorporated into the British protectorate of Uganda by the signing of the Ankole Agreement. [3] No chief of the Ankole District shall henceforth impose any minor toll on other chiefs or on tributes or gifts of any kind, except those which may be directly sanctioned by Her Majesty`s principal representatives in the Protectorate of Uganda and as set out in the provisions of this Agreement. Ankole (Runyankore: Nkore) was a traditional Bantu kingdom in Uganda. The kingdom is located in southwestern Uganda, east of Lake Edwards. It was ruled by a monarch known as Mugabe or Omugabe. The kingdom was officially abolished in 1967 by the government of President Milton Obote, and since then the kingdom has not been officially restored. [2] The inhabitants of Ankole are called Banyankole (singular: Munyankole) in the Runyankole language, a Bantu language. All revenues from duties, metallurgical taxes, shooting taxes, salt deposits or other sources are paid directly to the principal official responsible for Ankole County. ⢠To the northwest by the Dweru Canal; to the east by the Chambura River, the recognized borders Bunyaruguru-Lgara and Kamsura-Igara; to the south on the Rwenchwera River; west of Like xxxxxx xxxxxx. . The Government of Majesty shall cancel the said Agreement and replace any other method of administration of the Ankole District which deems appropriate. One-third of the total annual value of these amounts is retained by the local Chief Justice, and two-thirds is transferred to the Kabaka of Ankole.

All cases between natives of Ankole District and natives of other districts of the Uganda Protectorate, or between natives and foreigners, are negotiated by the Government, which is authorized to appoint their successors in the event of death, and successors so appointed are also recognized by Her Majesty`s Government as successors to the dignity of chief. provided that they also respect the terms of his agreement. To the north by the Ruizi River (Orwizi) and the Shema-Ruampara border; to the north-east and east, across the south-west and west borders of Ishingiro within the meaning of this Agreement; to the south by the international line between the protectorate of Uganda and German East Africa; to the west by the border between Kazara and Ruampara. Guaranteed private land in Kahaya, the current Xxxxxx of Ankole, cannot exceed an area of 50 square miles: provided that no property can have an area of less than half a square mile. This article contains public domain material from the Library of Congress` National Studies website lcweb2.loc.gov/frd/cs/. If the Kabaka of Ankole-Kahaya or his successors are responsible for the violation of any part of the terms of this Agreement, it shall be open to His Kingdom of Nkore, which has been divided into ten counties. These counties are now divided into different political constituencies. But the original ten counties of Nkore include: ⢠All waste and uncultivated land that is wasted and unmanaged at the time of this agreement, all forests, mines, minerals and salt deposits in Ankole District are considered the property of Her Majesty`s Government, the resulting revenues being included in the general revenues of the Protectorate of Uganda; but the indigenous peoples of the Ankole district have the same privilege with respect to forests as defined and formulated in the regulations in force in the Protectorate of Uganda as they apply to the indigenous peoples of each province or other administrative unit of the protectorate in that province or any other administrative unit. You may have already requested this item. Please select Ok if you still want to continue this request. To the north, a line along the top of the hill range, which was just north of the forest known as Buhwezo-Igara, recognized a recognized boundary, from there southeast to the spring waters of the Orwizi River; to the east, on the border between Shma and Igara; to the south across the recognized borders of IgaraKazara and Lgara-Ruzumburu; to the west, across the recognised borders of Igara-Ruzumburu, Igara-Ndusi and Igara-Kamsusa – the British judges of the Ankole district are completely removed from the original jurisdiction.

. In cases where the custodial sentence exceeds a one-year prison sentence or if the property in question exceeds the value of £100, the decision of the Kbaka or his Lukiko may be appealed to the Chief of Ankole District. The administrative division of Mitoma is limited as follows: To the north on the Ruizi; to the east, across Lake Mazinga and across the recognized border of the administrative unit of Bukanga to the Kagera River; south across the Kagera River to the Luyanga Valley; to the west on the recognized border of the administrative unit from Ruampara to the Ruizi River. . Due to the reorganization of the country by Idi Amin, Ankole no longer exists as an administrative unit. It is divided into ten districts, namely: Bushenyi District, Buhweju District, Mitooma District, Rubirizi District, Sheema District, Ntungamo District, Mbarara District, Kiruhura District, Ibanda District and Isingiro District. . However, if at any time the Kabaka or other chiefs mentioned herein do not comply with any part of the terms of this Agreement, they may be deposited by Her Majesty`s Chief Representative in the Protectorate of Uganda, and their titles and privileges shall then pass to other chiefs who may elect Her Majesty`s principal representatives in their place. The private domain of the Katikiro may not exceed 12 square miles and that of each existing chief of a subdivision, as specified in this Agreement, 10 square miles each. Her Majesty`s Government has the right to impose the protection of game on the indigenous people of ankole district, as elsewhere in the Protectorate of Uganda; and in this context, it is agreed that within the Ankole district, the elephant will be strictly protected; and that the killing or capture of elephants by indigenous peoples in ankole district will be regulated by the Deputy Commissioner of the Western Province.

As long as the Kabaka and the above-mentioned Chiefs comply with the terms of this Agreement, they shall continue to be recognized by His Majesty`s Government as successors to the dignity of the Chief, provided that they also abide by the terms of this Agreement. The administrative divisions defined above do not cover the entire territory of the Ankole district, but the parts of the district that border closer to the Congo Free State and German territory are subject to the same regulations as in this agreement and are initially administered by the most important European official, who is subordinate to the plainclothes Ankole district. until the moment when the chiefs voluntarily place themselves under the sovereignty of Kahaya. .