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SEO Copywriting

"Content is King"Bill Gates

We are sure you have heard this saying before, but if not, it’s better late than never. With blogging, social media, newsletters, etc. it’s more important now than ever before to include quality writing in everything you do for your Business. The search engines favor articles & posts that have the most useful and relevant information. Users favor content that has value and that can reach them in the fastest way possible! That is why SEO Copywriting is an essential part to your website, your blog, your ad campaigns & just about any type of media that you put out there into the world. Effective writing encourages the reader to follow through on a business relationship.

SEO Copywriting vs. Content Marketing

SEO Copywriting is the type of writing we use in all of our content marketing methods. Content Marketing Methods include blogs, podcasts, videos, social media etc. When writing up the website pages, blog posts, social media posts and scripts for these methods, our professional SEO copywriting team writes magnetic headlines, persuasive landing pages and conversion-driven content, bringing the two together to create an effective content marketing strategy.

Benefits of Our SEO Copywriting Services

Our professional team of transforms the BEST highlights of your content to be the first thing your customers see.
We only use white hat SEO tactics to optimize the content with unique & relevant content for the search engines.
We research your industry and compile a list of all the effective keywords, including long-tail keywords, to reach your targeted audience.
We will display information to a user’s level of understanding. This helps them make an informative decision to buy your product(s) and/or service(s).
Our Content Marketing strategy includes using SEO copywriting to boast about your promotions and placing you above your competitors.

Utilizing Proven Copywriting Techniques

With years of experience in writing informative web pages, posts & ads, we know which techniques work and which ones don’t.Knowing proven copywriting techniques & with the right keyword list, we can help grow you grow your list of subscribers and get them to share your content others. After repeating these techniques you will gain a loyal audience for your business. There is a big audience for every topic out there (including yours), but there is also a lot of brands competing for that audience. With our formula for SEO copywriting, we can help you stand out, stay on top and keep growing! Contact us and we will begin working on a content marketing strategy for your business today.

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