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Google Adwords - Where to Start?

Google Adwords – Where to Start? [VIDEOS]

Is Google Advertising Right for Your Business?

We know that most of your have heard of Google Adwords but still have many questions about how it works and how effective it is when it comes to advertising your business. That is why we were happy to come across WordStream’s THREE one-minute videos that explains how Google Adwords works, how much Google advertising cost and Google adwords performance benchmarks by the industry.
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Christmas money

Advertising for Christmas

Why it is Important for Every Type of Business

Advertising Christmas, as opposed to focusing advertising on other holidays that occur during the year, is much more effective according to recent statistics. In today’s marketing world, advertising for Christmas is critical, even more so than it was in generations past. With consumers bombarded with advertising while they are surfing online, during every television show, in the car on the way to and from work, even while standing on the subway, retailers must get creative in their efforts to reach consumers. Continue reading