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Google BERT Update Search Algorithm Update

Google BERT Update To Improve Search Results for Users

Google BERT Update Will Impact 1 in 10 Search Queries Google has been rolling out BERT this week. The Google BERT Update will be the biggest change in search since the release of Google RankBrain from five years ago. Users will most likely love this change, but some businesses might not be a fan of […]

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Small Business Search Trends

Small Business Search Trends Released By Google

The Latest On Small Business Search Trends A report has been released by Google with new data on how people are searching for small businesses. Local business search is at an all time high, with as much as 350 x’s more people searching in “near me” + “local”. This has increased tremendously within the last […]

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Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019

Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019

2019 Digital Marketing Trends 2019 will see a handful of key new marketing trends that you need to stay on top of if you want to stay ahead of the game. With the rise in new technologies and the ever-changing landscape of the digital marketing world, it pays to adapt your marketing methods to make […]

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8 Reasons Why You Need to Use Instagram TV for Marketing Now

8 Reasons Why You Need to Use IGTV for Marketing Now

Instagram TV is the Future of Marketing Social media giant Instagram has recently rolled out Instagram TV (IGTV). Now, business owners and brands are wondering how they can best use IGTV for marketing. Which is why we decided to gather 8 reasons why you need to use IGTV for marketing your business or brand now!

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Marketing AMA - Kylie Howe

Hosting an AMA #MarketingAMA

Ask Me Anything I was asked to host an “Ask Me Anything” over at AMA Feed. Check it out and post any questions you have about SEO, Building Websites, Blogging, Social Media, PPC advertising with Google Ads & Facebook Ads.

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Harmful SEO Techniques

7 Harmful SEO Techniques to Avoid in 2018

SEO Strategy Not all SEO tactics will increase your site’s rankings. Learn 7 harmful SEO techniques everyone should avoid. The first quarter of 2018 has come and gone. Have you reevaluated your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy yet? Improving your SEO Strategy will ensure a positive effect on your website’s search ranking.

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Boost Business with Facebook Live

9 Ways to Boost Your Business Using Facebook Live

Do You Want to Boost Your Business? Try Facebook Live! While the importance of social media is nothing new to businesses, Facebook Live streaming may offer a potential gold mine of marketing that even the smallest of companies can use to boost your business.

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The Best 2017 Solar Eclipse Instagram Photos

Solar Eclipse Instagram Photos August 21st, 2017 we got to witness the solar eclipse. We browsed for the best 2017 Solar Eclipse Instagram photos. There were a lot of good ones to choose from, but these were our favorite. The solar eclipse provided a great opportunity for photographers to capture this moment in time! Take […]

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Facebook Watch Making Enemies with YouTube & Netflix

Facebook Hoping to Challenge YouTube & Netflix With New TV Streaming Service Facebook, the one-stop-shop for life! It’s the social platform that started out just as that, a social platform. They have evolved into business territory competing against Google as a ads platform and a search engine. They continue to dominate Social Media, and if […]

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Closed Captions on Facebook Live

Introducing Closed Captions on Facebook Live Broadcasts

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Can Now Enjoy Closed Captions on Facebook Live Facebook just Announced that they are allowing publishers to include closed captions on Facebook Live Broadcasts, to make Facebook accessible to almost everyone. Making Facebook accessible to everyone is a key part of building global community ~ Facebook product manager Supratik […]

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Instagram for Business Tips

10 Top Instagram for Business Tips That You Need to Implement Now

Instagram for Business: The Tips You Need Are you looking for new ways to enhance your customers’ experience? Why not start with a power player in the social world known as Instagram. Using images and short video is great for this, and Instagram is the perfect place to start! It’s time to discover Instagram for […]

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Google Rankbrain

Google RankBrain: What It Is & Why You Need to Know

What is Google RankBrain? I think you will agree with me when I say: Google is the most popular search engine out there! This post will give you that edge you need to get ahead of your competition with Google. Throughout this post you will learn the importance of Google Rankbrain, PLUS 6 steps on […]

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Snapchat, I Mean Facebook Stories Coming to A Newsfeed Near You

Facebook Did It AGAIN! Facebook Stories It looks like it wasn’t enough that Instagram copied Snapchat with Feature “Stories” (short video clips or photos generated by the user that only stick around for 24 hours, then disappears), Facebook had to hop on board too! Facebook is now “testing” its own version of Snapchat Stories at […]

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Comparing Website Builders to a Custom Web Design

Custom Website Design vs. Wix & Other Website Builders

In the modern era, EVERY business can benefit from a good website design. With the help of search engines, a website is often the first impression potential customers have on a business. It is the product they will judge a business by before they even visit it. Fortunately, now a days you have different options […]

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Google Adwords - Where to Start?

Google Adwords – Where to Start? [VIDEOS]

Is Google Advertising Right for Your Business? We know that most of your have heard of Google Adwords but still have many questions about how it works and how effective it is when it comes to advertising your business. That is why we were happy to come across WordStream’s THREE one-minute videos that explains how […]

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Why Every Business & Brand Need a Blog

Why Every Business & Brand Needs a Blog

Do you have a blog on your website? If yes, great! If no, it’s not too late. Are you familiar with the saying, “Content is King”? It pretty much says it all. This saying has never been truer then it is this day in age. Keep reading for ALL of the Main Reasons You NEED […]

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14 Creative Local Marketing Strategies

14 Creative Local Marketing Strategies

Local Marketing Ideas for Your Business Looking for new ideas to market your local business? Coming up with creative marketing ideas can be hard! Plus the fact that there are 1000’s of different ways to market nowadays with all of the different social platforms and video at your disposal. Here’s the deal: Effective local marketing […]

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Instagram Stories

Snapchat…Oops, I Mean “Instagram Stories”

Instagram Stories First Facebook did “Facebook Live” which looks awfully similar to Periscope, even has the little hearts floating around. Now today, Tuesday August 2nd, Instagram (owned by Facebook) has introduced “Instagram Stories”, which is basically like “Snapchat Stories” looking in the mirror! If you aren’t familiar with Snapchat, it is the Social Media Platform […]

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Pokemon Go Marketing

5 Ways to Use Pokémon GO Marketing for Your Small Business

Pokémon GO Craze is Taking Over the World Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock knows the Pokémon GO craze is sweeping the world right now. Just a week after its release, it has already amassed a large following of roughly 9.5 million daily players. It even increased Nintendo shares by a whopping 120 […]

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Instagram Tools

10 Instagram Tools for Your Business

Social Media is getting more and more complicated as the years pass by. Am I right? The good news is that as it gets more complicated, developers are creating more tools to help make it a little bit easier on us. Using Instagram with your business is a great way to increase exposure. That is […]

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Holiday Season Marketing Campaigns

Tips for Your Holiday Season Marketing Campaigns

Getting the Most Out of the Holidays It’s that time of year again; jam packed with all of the major holidays and events. Next up we have American Thanksgiving (Nov. 27th), followed by Black Friday (Nov. 28th), Cyber Monday (Dec. 1st), Chanukah (Dec. 16th – Dec. 24th), Christmas (Dec. 25th), Boxing Day (Dec. 26th) and […]

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Comparing Google's Old Design with New Design

Google’s New Design

Cleaner, Simpler & Optimized for Touch After experimenting since last fall, Google has decided that the new look is good enough to be made official. These changes were visible to some desktop users as early as November. The refreshed look is now available to all desktop users.

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Instagram Updated App in Android

Instagram Increases Speed for Android App

Instagram App is Now Faster & More Responsive Just before its 2 year anniversary on Android, Instagram released its iOS 5.0.6 version. This new release includes changes that will make the app move faster. The photo sharing company claims that since the app is much faster and more responsive, a profile screen will load twice […]

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Christmas money

Advertising for Christmas

Why it is Important for Every Type of Business Advertising Christmas, as opposed to focusing advertising on other holidays that occur during the year, is much more effective according to recent statistics. In today’s marketing world, advertising for Christmas is critical, even more so than it was in generations past. With consumers bombarded with advertising […]

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Place Pins

Pinterest Introduces Place Pins

Place Pins – For the Explorer in You If you have been on Pinterest in the last couple of days, you may have noticed pins with a map in the background and red pins placed all around it. Just this week, Pinterest introduced “Place Pins”. It was created after noticing how Pinners have been creating […]

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Using Hashtags

Using Hashtags – Pros & Cons for Businesses and Personal Users

Facebook Joined the #Hashtag Trend Now that Facebook allows you to add a clickable hashtag to your posts, you’re going to see a lot of them in your New Feeds. The hashtag was introduced originally by Twitter. It was essentially created to brand and label updates into categories. If you’ve already been active on Twitter […]

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Cyber Bullying

Speaking Out About Cyber Bullying

“You will never reach higher ground if you are always pushing others down.” ~ Jeffrey Benjamin In the past, bullying meant schoolyard harassment and mean pranks during school hours or school functions. Today, with constant accessibility to the Internet and social media, such treatment has followed kids into their homes, bedrooms and every aspect of […]

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Obama vs Romney in Social Media Marketing

Election 2012 – Which Presidential Campaign Wins for Social Media Marketing?

Obama Vs Romney in Social Media Marketing In the 2008 presidential competition, social media was a critical factor in Barack Obama’s historic victory over Republican challenger John McCain. In 2012, President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney fight it out for the election with social media marketing. Who has been more effective with Facebook & […]

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Facebook Stock Drops

Facebook Stock Price Drops Below $20

Will Facebook Stock Price Ever Rise Above it’s IPO? One of the most anticipated IPO’s in the history of the Internet is rapidly failing, as Facebook continues to suffer from a lackluster opening day on May 18, 2012. Facebook’s stock price plunged to a new low last Thursday. For the first time, it dipped below $20, […]

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The Impact of Social Media on Law Enforcement & Crime

The Impact of Social Media on Law Enforcement & Crime

The increasing popularity of social media has lead to significant changes in the ways that law enforcement operates. Social media platforms are used by four out of five law enforcement professionals at every level to help in investigations. It is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to gather intelligence information as well as […]

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Kings are Winning in Social Media

How The LA Kings Are Winning In Social Media

The Los Angeles Kings have recently been breaking all the unwritten rules of professional sports teams and social media. In a world where teams and public relations departments live in constant fear of saying the wrong word or phrase that might garner them negative media attention, The Kings have decided to throw caution to the […]

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Google Penguin Update

Google Penguin Update – The latest Algorithm by Google

Was Your Website Affected by Google’s Penguin Update? On April 24th, Google unleashed the Penguin Update. This is the latest web spam algorithmic update. The reason for this new update is to punish web pages in Google’s search result that have been spamming. This could include “keyword stuffing” or “cloaking” or violating any of the […]

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iPad 3

Apple Released iPad 3

Features of the New iPad 3 Apple released the new iPad 3 last week. Learn about iPad Apps, iPad cost and new features offered, all in one place. It seems the world constantly awaits Apple’s unveiling of their latest and greatest product. Apple made the iPad three available to buy in stores at 8:00 a.m. […]

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Pinterest for Internet Marketing

How to Advertise your Business on Pinterest

Internet Marketing – Drive traffic to your website with Pinterest Internet Marketing professionals are always looking for the next big thing to promote their brands, and Pinterest is the latest online sensation for driving traffic. Over 200,000 publishers are already on board, using the site to generate 260 million unique page views a month. In […]

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Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline – Mandatory Change for all Users

Facebook Timeline will be telling your life story. If you choose to share it. In only a matter of days, every profile in Facebook will be changed to the Timeline feature. This will definitely change the way people make use of this popular social networking website, whether the users want it or not. The social […]

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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing – Why Mobile Websites are Essential for your Business

How a Business Can Benefit from Mobile Marketing Mobile web usage is rapidly increasing to the point that web developers and business owners can no longer afford to ignore it. Many consumers are now accessing the internet through mobile marketing, using hand-held devices. The increase of mobile internet use has been driven by faster mobile […]

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SEO for Twitter

Search Engine Optimization for Twitter

How to Optimize your Twitter Account Social Media has become a powerful marketing tool, allowing interested customers to connect and build a relationship with a brand, even when they’re not actively engaged. Google’s 2009 introduction of real-time search results was an important boost to marketing via social media. When used properly, a Twitter account drives […]

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iPhone 4s

Apple Releases iPhone 4s, not iPhone5

Will you buy the new 4S, or wait for iphone5 to come out? Today Apple, to the salivating ears of the app developers and tech investors, announced its iphone 4s, the successor to its iphone 4. (Many news and social media outlets reported Apple was to announce the iphone5, citing anonymous sources, perhaps attempting to […]

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YouTube, Facebook, FlickR & Twitter

Top Social Media Websites for SEO

Which Top Social Media Service works for your business? Social media is an important aspect of any successful attempt at drawing people to your site. If you are a business and are looking for the easiest way to attract targeted web traffic, you should be looking at social media and how it impacts seo efforts. […]

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