Are your ready to make creating your Marketing Strategy easier? Learning about the 4 E’s will help you get clear and have a better start when creating your Marketing Strategy for 2021, or your next Marketing Campaign.

Which E Will You Use Creating Your Marketing Strategy ?

When it comes to creating your next post for social media, or your next video for your audience, you need to do 1 thing…CHOOSE.

Choose which E you want to focus on for your content. I will go over the list in a moment, but first I want to point out that no matter what goal you have when creating your Marketing Strategy, please remember to make it about YOUR AUDIENCE, not yourself!


Focus on how you will add value to their life, explain why you care about them, and the benefits they will gain from including you into their lives.

Stop focusing on your logo, your business, your guarantee. Yes, all those things are great, but they aren’t what your audience are looking for in your marketing campaigns. They really only care and want to know the benefits they will get if they purchase your service or your product.

Okay, I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Here are…

Creating Marketing Campaigns

The 4 E’s for Marketing that you need to choose from for your campaign:

  1. Engagement – Ask your audience to share their answers in the comment below, or in the chat. This is an approach you should take when you are confident that you will get engagement from others. You don’t want to be stuck with crickets, and if you are, you need to stop your ads, and analyze what you need to optimize.
  2. Entertainment – This comes easier to some than to others. Platforms like TikTok are great for showing your entertaining side. Or you could go live on Facebook and practice your storytelling skills. Share some embarrassing moments if you are comfortable enough.
  3. Education – This is the approach that every single person out there can create. What is it that you are passionate about? What is your business about? Educate your audience on it. I am doing that with this blog post. I am educating people who may not have been aware of these 4 E’s. If I can educate people, then I guarantee you can too! It is a great place to start with your marketing campaigns. This is a key part for adding trust with your audience.
  4. Emotion – This is definitely the toughest one to tap into. If you are just starting out, and still building an audience, I don’t suggest starting here. It is a great place to strive towards though. You want to tell a story that will make people feel something. Tell it in a way that they can picture themselves there, or it will take them back to a memory they have. Include the small details that will capture their attention. Make them feel something – sad, angry, happy, excited, filled with joy, etc.

I have included an example below of a McDonald’s commercial that my sister sent me today that hit the soft spot on the emotional scale. It is the perfect example for an Emotional Marketing Strategy. Watch it here, and let me know if this made you feel something. I know it did with me, and with my friends.

McDonald’s Inner Child Commercial


What did you think? This day in age Storytelling is so important when it comes to content marketing. When you know how to tell a good story then you will be able to captivate your audience.

This commercial brings back the feelings of being young again. Remembering what it is like to be a kid and how excited you would be to get a Happy Meal, spending time with your family, or the joy you felt when putting out cookies and milk for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

It reminds adults to step back and not take life so seriously. To remember the small things. Or if you are a parent, it reminds you to create special traditions with your own children.

I will say it again, this is a brilliant example of putting emotion into your marketing! Great job McDonald’s.

Let me know below, which E will you focus on in your next Marketing Campaign?

If you have any questions, or are looking for help with your Marketing Strategy for 2021, give us a call and let’s talk (778) 789-7361.


PS. This post is in no way affiliated with McDonald’s. I just really liked the commercial haha.