Facebook Timeline will be telling your life story. If you choose to share it.

In only a matter of days, every profile in Facebook will be changed to the Timeline feature. This will definitely change the way people make use of this popular social networking website, whether the users want it or not. The social network site is giving users seven days to preview their Timeline before making it live. It is time to go through your old post and decide what you want to share and don’t want to share, including unflattering photos you may have been tagged in.

Facebook Timeline was officially made public worldwide December 21 of last year. Weeks before it, the developers of the Timeline of Facebook have already cued in on the release of a new profile layout that will highlight the most significant events of your life in a reverse chronological order. That is, starting from the present down to the day that you were born.

Despite its seemingly huge promises of ease in the expression and representation of who you really are; the Facebook Timeline has received mixed reviews from the Facebook users ever since the day that it was made available to them. In fact, a big majority of them are not happy with the transition, compared to the few who find the move to be quite natural.

For people using Facebook for business, your home page and ads will not be affected by the timeline change, so no additional website optimization will be necessary. For people using Facebook pay-per-click advertising, the ads will show up in the same location as the original layout for the Facebook Timeline, but unlike a static ad in the sponsored section, ads will now be on a side bar that scrolls with the page, so you can no longer scroll past it.

The Pros of the Facebook Timeline

If you really take a look at the Timeline of Facebook, you should be able to see just how organized and professional it looks, giving it a far cry from the clutter of the old format that you have grown so accustomed to. Further, anyone who views your profile is given the convenience of seeing everything that they would need to know about you in just a single page. Gone will be the days when they will have to navigate through numerous pages to view the videos, images, posts, and other personal information that you have shared.

The Cons of the Facebook Timeline

Setting aside the problem of the adjustment with the new interface; the biggest disadvantage that will come with this is the mismanagement of personal information. If you are not careful enough with the information that you post and share online; your profile can become a good venue for hackers to steal your information and put it to bad use. The Timeline of Facebook allows users to place the entire information about their lives and any ineptness to properly make use of this new interface will ultimately take its toll on you.

Because the big changes in the profile page of Facebook users that are about to happen in a matter of days is inevitable; people will just have to deal with the fact the their profiles will soon be sporting the look of the Timeline of Facebook. If you still carry a heavy heart with this mandatory change; you will just have to console yourself with the company’s promises of the array of cool features that will come along with such change. Everyone will eventually have to cope and live with it, anyway. Have you already switched over? If yes, have you already adapted to the new look, or longing to go back to the old Facebook?