What is Google RankBrain?

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Google is the most popular search engine out there! This post will give you that edge you need to get ahead of your competition with Google.

Throughout this post you will learn the importance of Google Rankbrain, PLUS 6 steps on how to optimize for RankBrain.

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A visual slideshow & a Video at the end – “CRAZY SEO Leaks! RankBrain, AI, Panda, 3 Rules of SEO” from Josh Bananski.

Here’s the Deal:

There are over 200 major ranking signals evaluated by Google, with up to 10,000 variations or sub-signals. The third most important signal is Google RankBrain, next to Links and Content. With RankBrain becoming the biggest and most influential of the three, it’s kind of like the Holy Trinity of Google.

You might be thinking, “Is Rankbrain an algorithm?” No it isn’t, but it is essential to one. Google RankBrain is a learning system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help computers properly interpret Google search queries.

Why does this matter?

Google uses signals to determine which web pages will not only appear at the top but also those that will appear at the bottom of a search engine’s page results.
Google Search in Eye

How Google RankBrain is Humanizing SEO

Users want to be able to find information that is not only beneficial, but relevant. They want to quickly find businesses that provide the best services and products available.

With such an online demand for high-quality information, businesses must proactively post content that is easily interpreted by a machine as well as a human. In other words, machines have to “learn” words and phrases consumers use often, and arrange them as if an actual conversation is taking place between it and the consumer.
Man talking to Computer

For example, the consumer may type in a search such as: “Where can I find Apple products?” The machine then has to match and answer the query with relevant information.

The results will likely include several listings of products sold by the company Apple, as well as a few listings associated with the fruit. If the user is interested in getting an iPhone7 from a local retailer, they’ll likely choose one of the top three on the page.

If the user is interested in buying consumable apple products, they can select their search from among the first three listings that appear for this type of query.

Visual Slideshow of Google RankBrain

The Evolution of SEO

Search Engine Optimization use to involve the systematical arrangement of exact keywords and phrases within a text to match the relevance of the user’s search queries. It also involved the placement of links within the context.

In time, SEO evolved into something far more sophisticated. The new focus of SEO is delivering informative, relevant feedback from a search query based on similar web information.


RankBrain was launched to essentially close the gap in communication between a computer and the human user. It uses artificial intelligence to embed a massive volume of written language with mathematical elements called vectors.

Through this process, it can learn and understand new phrases, then generalize their meaning based on past learned phrases to produce the most relevant feedback from the search query.
Evolution of SEO

How to Optimize for RankBrain?

One of the biggest concerns for businesses of any size is to optimize their website for RankBrain. Why? Compared to most algorithms that only affect 1-4% of global searches, Google’s RankBrain affects 14% of global searches. That’s pretty impressive!

Moreover, the pattern of the average consumer’s search query behavior has changed.

Consumers are usually accustomed to select their services and products from the first top three businesses listed on a search results page.

Their assumption is that the top three listings are the best and the businesses associated with these listings have a good reputation. As a result, businesses located at the top generally get more clicks from users than businesses posted at the bottom do.

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So how does a business effectively optimize for RankBrain? The following tips will show how this could be done to land within the top 3 listings on a search engine’s results page:

1.Phrase Relationships

Focus on the use of whole phrases instead of an exact word or words. These words don’t have to be related or synonyms. Instead, use words that appear often in content and additional to specific words.

Understand the manner in which Google considers the relationship of phrases related to “bulls-eye” keywords. Example: the bulls-eye keyword is swimming. Related phrases: upstream, pool, in a lake, in the ocean, life jacket, water lessons.

In other words, it is no longer necessary to use exact or similar keywords to find a concept in a search query. RankBrain understands an unfamiliar phrase by linking it to a phrase it’s already familiar with.

2. Complex Long-Tail Queries

Use content that includes information based on complex long-tail queries and pair these with specific topics

Example: Topic – “The Top 5 Women’s Casual Pants” Query – “women’s white slacks regular length in size 7”).

3. Search Patterns

Find the search pattern between seemingly unrelated search queries to capture their similarities.

4. Use New Phrases

RankBrain learns based on an offline vocabulary programmed by Google and is constantly teaching itself.

This allows substantial room for a business to use new phrases that RankBrain doesn’t recognize but could eventually associate with a business’s context related to the coined term or concept.

5. Change Your Focus

Focus on improving microdata, site speed and SSL. This seems to be the center focus for Google since the popularity of Mobile Devices. This case only seems to grow stronger for 2017 optimizing strategies.

6. Produce & Post Quality Content

I can’t emphasize this enough:

Write compelling, organic information. Answer general and potential questions users may have about goods or services within the context.

Publish sufficient content to become an authority on a topic. Create long-lasting page resources as opposed to short-term page views.


Google RankBrain for Bloggers, Marketers & Business Owners

Search results are becoming better at delivering relevant information to the user. Still the kind of results that are displayed on a search page can be unpredictable.

Successfully optimizing a web page isn’t easy, but it can be mastered to a great extent when bloggers and businesses learn how Google RankBrain works and the fundamentals of SEO.

Bloggers, marketers and small business owners can all benefit when optimizing for RankBrain since it opens the opportunity to create content that’s flexible in its expressions and word associations.


“CRAZY SEO Leaks! RankBrain, AI, Panda, 3 Rules of SEO”

Slideshow (Infographic) – Kotten Grammer Internet Media