Instagram Growing Faster then Ever – 700 Million Instagrammers

Instagram was thrilled to announce today, that they have reached 700,000,000 Instagrammers. They claim that the last 100,000,000 joined faster then ever.

Making it Easy

They state that they have made it easier for users to join, leaning towards this as the reason they grew their last million users so fast. I am sure there are other factors involved as well, like Instagram Stories, Live Video, adding the shopping feature etc..

Why We Joined Instagram

Have you joined yet? What do you think? What was the reasoning behind you joining the Instagram Community?

We just joined recently ourselves. The reasons we joined were because:
1) We noticed a lot of our audience is on Instagram
2) There is a lot of engagement going on in Instagram
3) There are more opportunities to connect with our audience on Instagram

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