Do you have a blog on your website? If yes, great! If no, it’s not too late. Are you familiar with the saying, “Content is King”? It pretty much says it all. This saying has never been truer then it is this day in age. Keep reading for ALL of the Main Reasons You NEED a Blog Now!

Others might say Video is King now & Images are Queen or so on and so forth. I know everyone is too busy these days with checking their Facebook Newsfeed or multitasking on Snapchat & Instagram and nobody has time to read through a blog, they would rather just get the major points through a visual and move on. So let me spell this out where both make sense:


***SIDE NOTE*** (For Those Who Have No Time to Read this Post, Scroll Down to the Bottom for the Bullet Points! Or Scroll even further for the 3 minute Video about the importance of Blogging for Business)

And then in the middle of it all, you can throw in that King A.K.A CONTENT! This is where you can put bullet points for those that still have a few minutes to spare AND this is where you can put (now listen closely)….links. Ah yes, links. Those things that help you crawl up the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. When you have an amazing post that meets all of the SEO criteria and if it has quality information, you could be placed on the FIRST PAGE! Links help you network and spread the knowledge of other brands and business’, and yes those things called links might keep your visitors on YOUR Website longer because that link brings them to another interesting blog post, or page, or video on YOUR Website!

Endless Blogging Ideas

You can blog about promotions, you can do tutorial blogs, you can blog about local events or the latest celebrity gossip. As long as you have a good headline, a nice visual and helpful/interesting points, people will stay until they understand what the post is about. Then yes they will probably move on, but hey you now have a new web viewer that is aware of your business and/or brand. If you do it right they just might come back for more.

Would Burger King Send Hungry Customers to McDonald’s?

Whopper in Big Mac Box Advertising

Having a blog to send people to is better than keeping them on Facebook where they are in front of your competitors Ads, or worse yet, always sending them to your competitors website. So by all means keep it short, or put all of the important stuff at the top….but honestly, not having a blog that sends people to your website is like Burger King having a flyer that sends people to McDonalds (and we all know that McDonalds is doing just fine with their own advertising)! Don’t get me wrong, continue to share useful and funny posts from others, but make sure you have AT LEAST 20% (better yet – 40%) of your own content in there!

FAST Bullet Points past All the Gibber Gabber –

Blogging Pros:
  1. Crawl Up on the Search Engines: Building New Content & Backlinks help you achieve this.
  2. Keep Your Brand in Front of Your Audience: Send people to YOUR Website instead of others AND instead of keeping them on Facebook (or whatever Social Network they are using), where you risk them seeing your competitors ads.
  3. Build Trust with Your Clients: When you build useful & informative content, your clients begin to believe that you actually know what you are talking about and therefore will trust you on whatever it is you are trying to sell to them!
  4. You Can Still Share Videos & Awesome Images: Now you have a spot to host them on that you OWN, instead of sharing it on your Facebook Page or Twitter Feed. This is called Owned Media!
  5. There are probably way more reasons why you should blog for your business, but I have reached that point where I risk losing you with another distraction (if I haven’t lost you already), so I will end it there!
Blogging Cons:
  1. UMMMM…you might need to spend some time creating it and building it up or spend some money on someone else doing it for you!

Now for the Selling Point of this Blog Post…..or Conclusion

I should’ve thrown this part at the top for those I have already lost in this long post, but hey they probably weren’t that interested anyways. But if you are interested, then contact us today and we can work out the BEST Content Strategy for your Business or Brand. First Step….Setting up & optimizing YOUR BLOG!

A Video About the Importance of Blogging