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What is Responsive Web Design?

Whether a web user is looking at your website on their computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device, your web page should look good & be easy to use. Responsive Web Design is about resizing, hiding, shrinking, enlarging or moving content to make it look good on any screen size. SEO Web First specializes in responsive web design that will seamlessly adjust to fit a user’s device, providing them with the highest quality experience of design and content.

Mobile Device sales are continuously on the rise making the demand for responsive web design higher than ever. You don’t want web users to visit your website and have a bad usability experience such as non click-able links, text and navigation too small to read, scrolling issues, images hovering over the whole screen etc. Potential customers want to visit your website on-the-go, make it easy for them.

Not Convinced yet? Check out our Top 5 Reasons You Need a Responsive Website NOW:

1) Google Loves Responsive
Not only does Google recommend a responsive design website, Google (and other search engines) favors websites that are optimized for mobile devices. In other words, it will help you in the search rankings if you have a mobile friendly website. This is especially true if you run a local service.
2) Increased Sales & Revenue
When you have a responsive web design, you are targeting all devices, therefore increasing your reach to potential customers. You also improve your chances of a sale, when you provide a smoother experience for you customers that allow them to stay on your website longer. Creating a consistent user experience will help bring in more sales.
3) Great User Experience
When a web user is brought to an updated easy to use website, they will stay longer, therefore helping you combat a high bounce rate. If your website doesn’t look right on a tablet or mobile device, you can still get the clicks to your website, but the user on the other end will be fast to click off of your page. Search engines will take this high bounce rate as a sign that the website isn’t providing relevant content to their users which will then lead to a drop in rankings. Providing a great user experience leads to Happy Customers which leads to more sales.
4) Stay Ahead of Your Competition
There are still a huge majority of websites out there that are not yet responsive. You could stay above your competition just by simply making the switch over to a responsive design. Your website will be favored in the search engines and therefore place you above your competition. To keep up with the demand of tablets and mobile devices you need your website to be responsive.
5) Having a Relevant Website Longer Have you seen an outdated website lately? One that still has animated Gifs, flash, small writing etc. When a customer is brought to a “dated” website, they are given the impression that it is unprofessional and then reconsider giving away any personal information. Research has proven that tablet and mobile search are here to stay. In order to reach users on all devices you need to keep up with the times. With a responsive website you will be showcasing a product that will be relevant for a longer time.

Are you ready to make the switch? Are you ready to have a website that looks modern, clean and sleek? A responsive website helps build trust with potential customers. It is the most effective way to target all users and to offer them the best possible user experience. If you are ready to embrace the benefits of responsive design and see an increase in traffic then contact us today!

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