Video Advertising The Cost Effective Way to Entertain Your Audience

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Did you know that about 74% of the internet traffic is driven by Videos?

Advertising today is just as important as it has always been, but businesses need to adapt to the new standard: video advertising. Now when we say video advertising, we don't mean television commercials or anything like that. We mean streaming video available directly to the consumer. Just think of the applications available with how many people that use the internet in this day and age. There are videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc. that get thousands of hits per day. The video tells your story in an engaging and effective ways that can increase your conversion rates by 20%, and can help you rank higher in search engine results.

Don’t Break Your Bank

Video advertising has more benefits than conventional commercials, the first of which is how much more cost effective it is. Through video marketing, you save on cost by cutting out massive production and post-production fees. You can even make money back on ad space by uploading these videos to popular video sites like YouTube. With the right video to the right audience, you have an instant success instead of hoping to get your commercial in that prime time network TV slot. The savings alone on the network slot and production costs is worth making this move, and you are reaching a lot more people than you would have originally.

Staying with the Times

Did you know that for 65% of customers', video is the preferred communication method?

The next advantage to video advertising is web traffic. There are more people using the internet than watching TV, or subscribed to services such as Netflix or Hulu to bring their television and movies right to their computer screen. Why not utilize some of that free space with your internet video ads? Utilizing this fact can give your company the advantage over other competitors in this tough market. Video has already become an essential part of an effective internet marketing strategy.

Finally, video marketing is more inter and effective than text-based advertising. People nowadays want to be entertained and informed from the comfort of their computer chair than having to read through technical lingo and sales pitches that may be misinterpreted. Going with the video leaves out that risk of people getting the wrong idea or impression about the product at hand, and keeps their attention better than some black and white text on a page.

So What Are You Waiting For?

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