Instagram App is Now Faster & More Responsive

Just before its 2 year anniversary on Android, Instagram released its iOS 5.0.6 version. This new release includes changes that will make the app move faster. The photo sharing company claims that since the app is much faster and more responsive, a profile screen will load twice as fast as in the past.

To increase the speed, the size of the app has been cut in half from the old size of 19.98 MB. Also the user interface has been flattened and some of the buttons thinner & easier to identify.

Instagram Design Changes

Instagram also mentioned other changes in a post, “Now, when you tap the Lux (sunburst) icon in the photo edit screen, you’ll see a slider that lets you adjust the intensity of the effect. Slide to the right to increase the contrast and saturation in your photo or slide left for softer tones.”

The changes should now be viewable to all Android users. Instagram version 5.0.6 is available for download today in the Apple App Store. What do you think about the new look? Have you noticed a difference with the speed?