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Holiday Season Marketing Campaigns

Tips for Your Holiday Season Marketing Campaigns

Getting the Most Out of the Holidays

It’s that time of year again; jam packed with all of the major holidays and events. Next up we have American Thanksgiving (Nov. 27th), followed by Black Friday (Nov. 28th), Cyber Monday (Dec. 1st), Chanukah (Dec. 16th – Dec. 24th), Christmas (Dec. 25th), Boxing Day (Dec. 26th) and last but not least… New Years (just to name a few)! It is time to start thinking about how these events impact your business & your holiday season marketing campaigns. Continue reading

Christmas money

Advertising for Christmas

Why it is Important for Every Type of Business

Advertising Christmas, as opposed to focusing advertising on other holidays that occur during the year, is much more effective according to recent statistics. In today’s marketing world, advertising for Christmas is critical, even more so than it was in generations past. With consumers bombarded with advertising while they are surfing online, during every television show, in the car on the way to and from work, even while standing on the subway, retailers must get creative in their efforts to reach consumers. Continue reading

Place Pins

Pinterest Introduces Place Pins

Place Pins – For the Explorer in You

If you have been on Pinterest in the last couple of days, you may have noticed pins with a map in the background and red pins placed all around it. Just this week, Pinterest introduced “Place Pins”. It was created after noticing how Pinners have been creating more & more boards of places they would like to travel to, places they have already been and hot spots in their neighborhood. There are 1.5 million places pinned everyday and overall there are more than 750 million Pins of different destinations. This is Pinterests first step to turning Pinners dreams into reality. Continue reading